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Marieta Islands and Yelapa 

Want to avoid the crowds and be able to find the whales?

8 hours | Contact for pricing.

This is the ideal trip for those who really like to be out on the water and see it all! Las Marietas is 22 mile southwest of Puerto Vallarta. You will experience natures beautiful underwater chain of volcanic eruptions, crystal clear waters, hidden beaches, hidden caves and great snorkeling.


Yelapa is a small fishing village south of Puerto Vallarta only easily accesible by boat. It is known for its calm water, wonderful people , delicious seafood and simple lifestyle


First we will take a one hour boat ride ,to the north side of the bay and see the two islands . You will experience the hidden beach, swim under a small tunnel into a cave with a certified guide .you will then encounter the a beach hidden inside the Marieta island. Then we will go to the second island and you will see beautiful tropical fish , turtles , and mantas.

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