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Fishing in the Bay

Who is ready to fish for world class tuna!

4, 6 or 8 hours | Contact for pricing.

This is great trip for friends and families. It is perfect for people who are not really looking for extreme wild fishing , but just want to have fun and get a feel of the sport. It is an opportunity to get on the water and relax!


4 hour trip : recommended for 6 max.


This is a delightful trip , gives you a feel of the water and scenic coastline. We will stay in the bay and possibly catch skip jacks,jack caravels,Spanish mackerel,bonitas and the occasional red snapper.


6 hour trip:recommended for 6 max.


This trip we go out into the middle of the bay and have more options, depending on the time of the year. sometimes we can see mahi mahi , sail fish, jack caravel ,skip jack tuna, and bonitas.


These trips are very safe and are recommended for all ages!


8 hour trip : recommended for 5 max.


This trip we go farther , it is perfect for people who want to catch the big one! We go along the edge of the bay , this gives us a better chance to bring in a sail fish , mahi mahi , rooster fish, amber jack, red snapper, pompano,jack caravels, bonitas and lastly skip jack tuna.


Recommended For All Ages!

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