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Deep Sea Fishing Trips

You ready for a serious day of fishing? This trip is 8 to 12 hours

8 to 10 hours | Contact for pricing.

This is for the hard core fisherman.


We are looking for big game for sails and mahi mahi. We will troll outside the bay.

8 to 10 hour Corbeteña style recommended for 3 Max.


This is our favorite trip to the Corbeteña because it is one of the most popular spots for the big game fish.This location is a 40 miles run . There are lots,of opportunities to bring in a big one , possibly a Marlin or sail fish! We use live bait for this trip!


10 to 12 hours , El banco, extreme, extreme!


This trip is a 65 mile run and it is my favorite!This trip has excellent marlin and tuna possibilities! El banco is an underwater island located north west of Puerto Vallarta. We fish with live bait around this amazing pinnacle in the middle of the ocean.

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